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Chris was born and raised in central California where he developed an early love for fitness and athletics. He grew up playing any sport he could possibly find time for, eventually dedicating years of his life to soccer and mixed martial arts. Chris always had a passion for learning more about human health and challenging the human body to see what true achievements we are all capable of. Chris eventually moved to Orange County to attend college at the University of California Irvine, after which he attended Chapman University to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016. Chris has developed a keen interest and expertise in working with chronic sports-related injuries and working with active populations of all ages. From young aspiring athlete, to weekend warrior, to older adult population, Chris believes everyone should move well to feel well, and truly rise to their potential.


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Certifications and Credentials

Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Instrument assisted STM (IASTM) level 2 provider Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) provider K-taping applications provider High velocity low amplitude (HVLA) level 2 provider


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 2016 from Chapman UniversityBachelors of Arts Criminology 2011 from University of California Irvine


Endurance Sports Injuries Running Analysis Combat Sports Injuries Chronic and Acute Low Back Pain Shoulder Pain Knee Pain TMJ/Cervicogenic Headaches Dietary and Nutrition Planning

Fun Facts

-Chris is an avid endurance athlete, completing 7 marathons with many more to come, and eventual hopes of completing his first full Iron Man

-Chris is a music enthusiast and has played the guitar, drums, and alto saxophone since he was a child

-Chris and his wife spend most of their time obsessing over the German shepherd Arya, and taking her everywhere with them

-Chris enjoys jumping off of really high things; cliff diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, you name it!


Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and effective as a PT. His straightforward explanations of body mechanics and anatomy helped tremendously with my mind-body connection. I had a shoulder injury for months, which he rehabilitated (quickly!) over the course of a few sessions. He always checked in on my progress, even when we completed therapy, which gives a sense of how much he cares and values his patients. Chris is simply the best and I am so fortunate to have found such a great professional! Highly recommend!!

Bonnie, Oct 06
John, Nov 28

Chris is fantastic! He is kind, gentle, thoughtful and helpful! I have suffered from chronic neck pain leading to muscle tension migraines for most of my life. Chris listened and made sure he fully understood my pain and problem. He did some massage techniques using a tool called a "gua sha" that instantly relieved my pain. YES!! I happen to have this tool at home, but wasn't using it, so he gave me instructions on how to do so. He also gave me stretches to try to help alleviate the pain in the future. I really appreciated the quality of time he spent with me, the hands on care and the "homework" to leave with. I highly recommend Chris!

Jenna, Dec 17

I have had the pleasure of working with Christopher since August 2022. I first came to him with chronic hip pain and being an athlete and someone who tries to stay active, I wanted answers and relief. Chris diagnosed me with a repetitive TFL injury, which he assured me that with the correct exercise and stretching, I would be back on my feet in a matter of weeks. He wasn't wrong. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and gave me the proper tools, exercises, and stretches to remedy my lifelong repetitive injury. Even though my hip is now in excellent condition, I still see Chris once a week. He is wonderful to work with, keeps me on my proper plan, and works through any current issues I may have. I highly recommend Chris for any person of any age who needs physical therapy. Chris is fun to work with and honest about what is going on with your injury and will give you the proper tools to fix any issue you may have, and when your injury is healed you can still work with him or reach out to him if you have questions or concerns. His one-on-one professional care is paramount, and I truly feel like a new person after working with Chris.

Kristin, Dec 28

Chris has been so helpful. I started sessions with him 2 months ago due to a shoulder injury 6months ago. I had already tried Physical Therapy but the shoulder pain continued to get worse and eventually froze up. Chris gave me great advice from his experience with frozen shoulders was able to refer me to a great Orthopedic that specialized in shoulders. Chris' treatments have been completely hands on and have made such a difference, reducing the pain to almost nothing. He has a positive disposition, is very compassionate and completely focused on my treatment during each session. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good physical therapist.

Miriam, Jan 19

I have been having shoulder and wrist pain for the past few months. Dr. Chris has helped me a lot. He is very thorough in his treatment. He not only helps with soft tissue work. He arms you with exercises and daily techniques on how to feel better. He really listens to you and is very intuitive on what could be causing the discomfort. Another thing that I find valuable in going to Dr. Chris for treatment is the knowledge that he gives me while treating me. He will show me the joints, or muscles that are being affected and why he is having me do certain exercises. I highly recommend him!

Vanessa, Feb 19

My session with Chris was awesome! I learned a lot about my discomfort and mobility challenges. I’m really glad to know that with exercise and additional sessions with Chris, I can definitely improve.

Valerie, Mar 26

I had an amazing experience with Chris. He is incredibly knowledgeable and helped me understand and address my back pain, neck pain, and knee injury. He’s committed to educate patients like me to be more aware of my body, adopt proper movement techniques, and maintain good posture; and the knowledge I gained allows me to actively manage chronic back pain effectively, and mitigate potential issues. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking expert care and personalized guidance.

Kaile, Jun 15