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Dr. Janine DeBrito is a dedicated and passionate physical therapist with over 16 years of clinical experience. She is a specialist in vestibular rehabilitation and has been treating patients with a variety of neurological and vestibular diagnoses (inner-ear and brain balance disorders) for over 12 years.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized type of physical therapy that alleviates problems caused by vestibular system disorders most commonly vertigo, dizziness, gaze instability, and/or imbalance and falls. The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and the brain that process the sensory information that controls balance and eye movements. When these information processing areas are injured or affected by a disease, disorders of dizziness and balance can result.

Dr. DeBrito graduated with honors from Misericordia University where she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Masters of Science in Physical Therapy and her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degrees. She was awarded the Outstanding Physical Therapy Student Award which is given to a graduating PT student who demonstrates exemplary potential for success in the profession. Dr. DeBrito then went on to work at JFK Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, NJ where she saw a variety of patients with orthopedic and neurological diagnoses across several departments including outpatient, inpatient rehab and acute care. She participated in a weekly Balance Clinic at the JFK Neuroscience Institute evaluating patients with disorders of dizziness and imbalance. In this clinic, her love of vestibular disorders and VRT began.

Dr. DeBrito began taking continuing education coursework in VRT and developing her professional skills in diagnosis and treatment of patients with these problems . In 2010, she received her specialist certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation after successfully completing the Vestibular Competency Course presented by Emory University School of Medicine and the APTA in Atlanta, GA. She served as hospital-wide clinical consultant developing inservices and competency coursework for training physical therapy staff and students in VRT. Dr. DeBrito also served on the faculty of the JFK Professional Development Series Conference: “Dizziness: Evaluation, Management, and Rehabilitation.”

After leaving JFK in 2013, Dr. DeBrito went on to manage several physical therapy clinics as the Director of Vestibular Rehabilitation. She successfully developed and implemented VRT programs while serving as a clinical consultant, working closely with doctors, audiologists, nurses, medical assistants, and other PTs/PTAs to coordinate patient care. She developed VRT protocols for treatment and documentation and trained all physical therapy staff in VRT. She also served as a guest lecturer at the Movelle Lecture Series at Riverview Medical Center in RedBank, NJ educating doctors, nurses, and therapists on BPPV, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, which is the most common cause of vertigo.

Dr. Dizzy DeBrito, as her patients refer to her, understands what individuals with dizziness, nausea and imbalance are going through. Dizziness and vertigo is one of the most commonly diagnosed, yet often misdiagnosed, conditions. Some people go months or years with the wrong treatment, wasting both recovery time and money, or just being medicated after going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out a diagnosis. Dr. DeBrito knows how important it is to start the journey of recovery with a specialist who knows exactly how to identify the vestibular problem and how to optimally treat it. She is passionate about helping her patients on the road to recovery and to living their best lives.

Dr. DeBrito was born and raised in New Jersey and recently relocated to South Florida. She is licensed in both Florida and New Jersey and provides Telehealth in both states as well as in-person visits in Florida. She loves that her mobile practice and Telehealth services can reach so many more patients who would otherwise not be able to find a specialist in VRT in their area, or are unable to commute for treatment due to their symptoms.


Monday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Tuesday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Wednesday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Thursday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Friday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons

Certifications and Credentials

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist
Certified in Telerehabilitation
APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor- APTA CI Education and Credentialing Program
Certified in basic life support for healthcare providers (CPR and AED)


Doctorate of Physical Therapy -Misericordia University, Dallas, PA
Masters of Science Physical Therapy -Misericordia University, Dallas, PA
Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences -Misericordia University, Dallas, PA
Certified Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist -Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Licensed Physical Therapist in New Jersey and Florida


▪️Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist
▪️Dizziness, Vertigo and Imbalance
▪️Balance and Fall Prevention
▪️Concussion and TBI Management
▪️Neurological Disorders
▪️Geriatric and Senior Wellness
▪️Manual Therapy
▪️Telehealth- NJ and FL

Fun Facts

Janine has a love of horses and in her spare time performs English saddle riding. She would like to own her own horse one day. A runner and soccer player for all of her life, Janine enjoys watching professional soccer and is always up for watching sports like basketball, hockey and football. She enjoys spending time outdoors running, biking, and at the beach. Music has always been a passion for Janine and she began a love of singing at 6 years old, took classical piano lessons for 8 years, and sang competitively throughout her entire elementary, middle and high school education. In her retirement from singing formally, she never passes up an opportunity to sing karaoke. Janine is originally born and raised in New Jersey, but moved to her happy place in Florida in 2020. She lives in South Florida in Parkland with her 6 year-old son, Lucas, and her husband, Carlos.


Dr Janine Debrito is an amazing Dr. She is one of the most caring, attentive, and knowledgeable Dr.s that I have worked with. She was able to help me and give me all the information I need to help alleviate symptoms as well as the comfort to know that she is there when I need her for emergency issues dealing with vertigo episodes. I am so glad I have found her.

Robyn, Sep 22