Erin Ward

Cambridge, MA
Movement is medicine

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$200.0 / Hour


Erin enjoys building relationships and learning about what each individual values, so together as a team, she and her clients can create a plan to maximize their quality of life. Active participation in curating personal goals is highly encouraged. She is passionate about education and believes each patient has the potential to learn how to become more in-tune with their body to develop improved movement patterns and strategies for independent symptom management.

She couples empathy and humor in every physical therapy session so that patients feel validated and understood while genuinely enjoying the rehab process. She honors that the rehab journey can often be dynamic and fluctuating – demanding psychological and emotional growth as well as physical gains – and she will be invested in every outcome while serving as both a coach and cheerleader.


Monday: Mornings, Afternoons
Tuesday: Mornings, Afternoons
Wednesday: Mornings, Afternoons
Thursday: Mornings, Afternoons

Certifications and Credentials

▪️ Doctor of Physical Therapy
▪️ Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
▪️ TPI Level 1 Certifed


▪️ Bachelors of Science in Rehabilitation Science, Northeastern University
▪️ Doctor of Physical Therapy, Northeastern University


▪️ Balance Training and Falls Prevention

▪️ Bone Health

▪️ Golf Performance & Swing Analysis

▪️ Persistent Pain Management

▪️ Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

▪️ Orthopedic Care

▪️ Running Injury & Prevention Training

▪️ Soft Tissue and Joint Mobilization 

▪️ Strengthening and Conditioning for Athletes


Fun Facts

Erin predicted her PT career in her 5th grade yearbook (as a back up plan to playing in the WNBA). She had a front row seat to the job since her mom worked as a physical therapist in various settings, and Erin would often accompany her mom to visit/care for her Great Aunt Trudy. That same woman, Gertrude Ederle, was an Olympic medalist and the first woman to swim the English Channel.

Erin wrote a book about her in second grade that was showcased in the Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, FL for several years. Although Erin's level of athleticism never matched her ancestors, she was an active child involved in many sports and transitioned that enthusiasm towards running and hiking as she acclimated to the New England landscape in college.

She can be a bit of a bagel and pizza snob as a result of growing up in northern NJ outside of NYC, but her notorious obsession for Carvel ice cream cakes is what she is most well known for in her social circles. That, and being able to lick her elbow.


Initially when I met with Erin Ward, my lower back and hip were in one of their spasms that has happened at least once a year for most of my adult life. It was difficult for me to move or to sit comfortably. I had seen many physical therapists over the years who would recommend some exercises which would work until the next lower back event occurred.So my hope was to do an extended set of sessions with her to once and for all figure out what I needed to be able to live and travel more normally. It turns out that she is just the kind of problem solver I like to work with: systematic, thorough, a good listener and a good instructor. Each week she adapts my “homework” according to what we learn in that week’s session. I am already feeling better and learning about critical areas in my body that I have never addressed. I am very optimistic about the future.

Thomas, Feb 07

After six years of physical therapy (PT) by several practitioners in New York City and Albany, I finally found a consummate professional in Erin Ward. She has an impressive command of physical therapy diagnostics and treatment and can convey this cheerfully and effectively. Erin explains everything clearly and always in full context of a total PT therapy plan. Her manner and direction are always positive and encouraging, important in helping to maintain adherence to occasionally challenging exercise routines. She is a great listener and a superb teacher. I have learned a lot about human anatomy and how precise physical movement can improve bodily function. I think the structure of weekly one-on-one sessions takes full advantage of Erin’s approach and style of PT. She is personable and a pleasure to work with.

George , Mar 01