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I believe in a healthcare world beyond - beyond clinic walls, beyond the restraints of insurance, and beyond the limits of your imagination. I believe in customized care tailored to your interests that brings you beyond the limits you thought you possessed. As a residency-trained orthopedic physical therapist I have years of experience empowering clients to adopt the movement mindset. Movement is the gateway to how we experience life - and when we move well the sky's the limit.

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Arlington, Alexandria, and Washington D.C including Bloomingdale, Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, NOMA, H Street Corridor, East End, Stanton Park, Downtown, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Woodley Park, Columbia Heights, Cardozo, Edgewood, Takoma, Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan, Park View, Northwest DC, Northeast DC, Ivy City, Brentwood, Trinidad, and Capitol Hill


Certifications and Credentials

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist (OCS)
  • Certified Manual Physical Therapist (CMPT)
  • Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation with Emory University
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling Certified through NAIOMT


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy with the University of Alabama at Birmingham: Entry-level requirement to become a physical therapist from a top 20 university in the country
  • Orthopedic Residency with the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy: Intensive post-doctorate training to ensure that my services are accurate, efficient, and effective to optimize your health as quickly as possible
  • Bachelor of the Arts in Biological Sciences with Clemson University: Where the journey began by laying the foundation in movement science.


Your experience begins with a focused, intentional, radically thorough assessment of where you are, so we can move together to where you wish to go. Together we will craft the road map to your success as you set your sights for the first time on a hopeful health horizon. I empower you to take the wheel on your journey to optimal health and will be there when a bump in the road occurs. Personal care when you need it, where you need it. Healthcare should not be complicated. Taking charge of your health should be personalized, convenient, transparent, and expertly guided - it should be MovementX. When we move well we live well. Move with me towards your better tomorrow.Specialty Treatments:Manual Therapy: The value of a touch is vastly underrated. Hands on treatment to identify and modify your limitations to maximize your health. Concussion, Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation: Nothing will set your world spinning like unexpected dizziness. My specialty training can expertly evaluate, diagnosis, and treat many common forms of concussion, dizziness and vertigo. Trigger point dry needling: Even humans need a jump-start occasionally. Trigger point dry needling uses intramuscular needling techniques to relieve, relax, and return more quickly to your optimal movement.

Fun Facts

Born and raised in Birmingham, AL and currently residing in Arlington, VA. I am a recent Uncle x3 and new to parenthood as a puppy owner. I have driven two laps around Talladega's race rack in a Chevy Silverado, performed an Elvis song on the Grand Ole Opry Stage, and once attended the world's largest Zumba class.


Very good session!

Keo, Jun 01

Fred and I had our first session today after my initial consultation. We are meeting because of my very flat feet and how they throw off the rest of my body. My calves are very tight and we walked through the benefits of dry needling and did this on both calves today. He was very clear on what to expect. It didn't hurt. It was a little odd feeling at first, but you get use to it. The big plus, I already feel a huge release in them. I didn't realize how tight they were. Fred also just dropped off some additional items to help me stretch and keep my feet and calves loose. He is very professional and I look forward to our next session.

Chandler, Jun 05

Fred was very accommodating to my schedule for this first session. The availability to have appointments later in the evening, as late as 7:30pm, was incredibly convenient for my work schedule. He arrived on time to my home and made me feel very comfortable throughout the experience. He did a very thorough analysis of the entire situation before beginning the physical therapy portion. During the physical therapy portion of the session he communicated clearly and was able to quickly identify all the problem areas. By the end of the hour-long consultation session, my severe lower back pain had significantly dissipated and the next morning there was minimal pain. Because having multiple sessions can be costly (this first consultation was free), Fred also offered to work out a bundle package for my girlfriend and I so that we are able to keep this within our budget. Lastly, he left us with some KT tape and offered to bring tennis balls - as part of the required future exercises - which was incredibly generous and also very convenient for us. I would recommend Fred to anyone looking for physical therapy whenever convenient for their schedule and for anyone who needs significant pain relief. The ability for a flexible appointment schedule and his willingness to meet you wherever is most convenient for YOU is a huge benefit.

Christian, Jun 13

Fred and I have had 4 sessions now. My feet feel awesome. I haven't had a cramp since we did a session of dry needling. We have slowly worked our way up to the knot that likes to live in my left shoulder. Yesterday we went over some stretches and manual therapy. Last night my back was a bit sore but in a good way like the muscle had truly been stretched and today my knot is much smaller. The exercises we went over have really helped. I have had this knot for years and it comes and goes with stress. I think we have finally found how to get rid of it over time. THANKS!!

Chandler, Jul 17
Samer, Aug 03
Samer, Aug 07

Fred was thorough and thoughtful. He also clearly discussed the whole picture of health.

Gwen, Aug 09

Fred is a skilled therapist and in our dialogue we are able to identify the issues and feed off of each other in a way to resolve the movement issues I have been experiencing with my extensive physical trauma history! Highly recommend for movement (physical therapy) and dry needling!!!

Samer, Aug 21
Gwen, Sep 09

Dr. Fred provides context for why your body feels the way it does. He also provides context for the stretches and movements he has you do. He is a top notch practitioner. I would recommend 10 out of 10.

Shane, Sep 15

Dr. Fred is the best PT that I have had. I like that he explains the "why" behind the issue at hand and he goes out of his way to research and give remedies to do at home after treatment. He always go above and beyond when he knows one of his clients needs to be seen. I reached out to him and within the same day I was seen and immediately felt relief by the next day. He has a gift for building rapport with his clients, it feels like a family relationship. I would recommend him to anyone

Santina, Dec 13

Fred is amazing. I actually look forward to our PT sessions. He is thorough, knowledgeable, kind, and fun. My progress has been amazing. I spent months seeking help for my neck pain to no avail. After a few sessions with Fred--I am getting so much better. Fred is so wonderful, I might actually be sad when I am done! And, the whole mobile thing--Fantastic! Love, love, love that Movement X comes to you!

Mary, Feb 10
Yvonne, Feb 20

Thank you for the awesome session! My left hip is about at 95% functioning and I'm getting a pretty good night's rest. The stretches helped a lot to heal my hip and also strengthen!

Yvonne, Feb 26

Relates to people very well. Listens well and explains the concepts well. I would recommend Fred to anyone.

Stan, Mar 07
Yvonne, Mar 23

Fred cave me courage to try new movements, movements I thought not possible. I left our time together happy and took that happiness home with me. Thanks Fred.

Stan, Mar 31

After just having a total hip replacement, I needed home therapy right away. Unfortunately, the case worker at the hospital was unable to find someone to come to my house for my rehab until a week later. I contacted MovementX and Fred was able to see me right away. The website was great and scheduling was easy. I was very nervous about getting off to a good start with my therapy and Fred was great. After a thorough assessment (including an evaluation of my wound) he implemented mobilization and some initial exercises to get me moving. Right away I felt my confidence increase. After the session, Fred emailed me home exercises for me to do until I see him again in a couple of days. I am thrilled with the services and look forward to my next session. Highly recommended!

Barry, May 25

Fred is great at not just treating, but teaching. It makes it so much easier to understand what’s going on and how to treat myself.

Francis, Jun 20

Fred has been treating my pesky tendonitis and arthritic thumb for a number of months now and I feel immediate relief after each session. He's an extremely knowledgeable, gifted therapist and a wonderful human being to boot. I highly recommend him!

Gary, Jun 21
Francis, Jul 19

As always, Fred's knowledge and expertise helps me figure out the additional aspects I may miss as a medical provider when I am trying to figure out how to move properly after going through a bout of muscular spasms. His ability to target the problematic area via movement techniques and dry needling helps get me mobile once again. Thank you sir!!!

Samer, Aug 25

Fred was knowledgeable and helped a great deal with my lower back pain. He gives his time and advice generously. I can highly recommend Fred. Thank you.

Louise, Nov 06

Fred is an excellent care provider. Thoughtful and thorough. He confirmed other medical diagnoses and recommended additional exercises to relieve nerve pain. I was very happy with our consultation.Best,Cathy Eiden

Cathy, Nov 07

Ultra knowledgeable. Worked on calves and T4

Francis, Nov 13

Working with Fred was great. Prior to our session, my calf was stubbornly not getting better after straining it playing soccer, and I needed to be able to dance in a show days later. By 36 hours after our session, I was moving freely with no pain. It felt like magic!

Chris, Dec 05

Fred is warm and soothing - which is helpful when your symptoms are causing you to feel anxious and out of sorts! Fred was able to make time to see me quickly in order to help treat my symptoms while they were causing me trouble. He's so flexible and nice, and I love that he thoroughly explains everything. He is truly talented!

Dani, Dec 13

It was great working with Fred. I was very concerned I had done something wrong with my knee but Fred was able to diagnose the source of the issue, which helped release the pain I was feeling in my knee. He was then able to provide exercises to help strengthen and prevent the issue in the future.

Scott, Apr 28

Fred is amazing! He is super positive and knows his stuff. Went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and understand everything going on. Would highly recommend a session with him!

Marissa, May 28

My first session with Fred was great. He made me feel comfortable from the moment we met. He worked to instill confidence in my ability to improve my hip pain and move freely into the future. Mary Anne

Mary Anne, Jun 24

A really good friend of mine referred Fred to me for some PT. I had a bad case of tennis elbow and was desperate to get help treating the injury. I am happy to say that after one session with Fred, my tennis elbow pain almost completely subsided. I felt such relief and was so thankful to Fred! He was so knowledge and explained everything to me with such clarity and simplicity. I will definitely be working with him again and without a doubt, I highly recommend Fred for PT services!!!

Anhvinh, Feb 22