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Dr. John Huang is a physical therapist, fitness instructor and wellness consultant based in Orange County, CA. He is extensively trained in Movement System Impairments (MSI) diagnosis and treatment and has a strong passion for teaching others about the human movement system.Dr. John specializes in orthopedic rehab and sports conditioning, specifically for the active outdoor athlete – particularly rock climbers, runners, cyclists, and surfers. He also enjoys treating the active aging population and is a certified Senior Fitness Specialist. His clinical interests include rehabilitation of the shoulder, pain science education, and balance/gait retraining. Dr. John also serves as a clinical instructor for DPT students and volunteers as the Public Relations and Education Chair for the Orange County District of the California Physical Therapy Association.Aside from clinical work and teaching, Dr. John loves exploring Southern California with his wife and enjoys hiking, cooking, DJing, dancing, rock climbing, playing games (both board and video varieties), making others laugh and attempting to surf.In addition to providing in-home mobile care, Dr. John sees patients on-site in his private office space in Costa Mesa, CA and is highly experienced in delivering Telehealth physical therapy care. He is dedicated to give you the care that best fits your lifestyle.


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Certifications and Credentials

Doctor of Physical TherapySenior Fitness SpecialistCertified Nutrition Coach


Washington University School of Medicine Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 2016


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myofascial Release and Cupping, Running Analysis, Climbing Analysis, Balance & Gait Retraining, Weight Loss Programming, Telehealth Care


Engaged, listened to me, didn't assume anything, clear and focused questions about my history; explained possible causes of my symptoms; explained what he was going to do, why he was going to do it, what the outcome should be or could be. Nice all around guy in general. It was my first time using Movement-X and I will definitely call on John again if I get myself all up in a tizzy again. Thank you to my son Eddie Ernst, PTA in KS/MO area who found him for me.

Jacklyn, Feb 18

I went to Dr. Huang for an issue with my knee, and he gave me a number of exercises over the course of several months that were very helpful! I also did some general wellness sessions with him as my knee improved. I felt that he listened to my concerns, and understood my fitness needs as climber. He is knowledgeable and personable, and I highly recommend his services!

Rachel, Feb 28

I was very relieved to find a physical therapist who is attuned to climbers. I have used physical therapy through my network, but they're not really set up to do sustained therapy. And, even though clinically sound, my in network people had difficulty understanding the unique needs of our sport. John was a game-changer. I saw significant progress in treating my nagging injuries for the first time in years. It was totally worth it. John knows how to ask the right questions and then tailor a program specifically for you. When I felt stalled, he adjusted the program and the results were immediate. I can't really say enough. He is a superb clinician and an outstanding person.

Robert, Mar 10

John has been helping rehab from a broken leg and I feel much stronger since I have been working with him! He really listens to my complaints, and communicates with me to help me better understand what's going on with my body, and how to improve it. One of the most valuable aspects of the service he provides is that he caters my exercises to my activities, which are climbing and hiking. It's really important to me to have a PT that understands these activities and gives me the tools to improve my movement with this in mind.

Heather, Mar 21

John has done a fantastic job rehabbing my elbow tendonitis. I went from being completely unable to climb to feeling stronger than ever in my climbing in just a few weeks. John provides a wide array of exercises and stretches that focus on rehabbing my specific injury while training all the neighboring muscles and tendons in a full body approach. Definitely would recommend seeing John!

James, Apr 18

Dr. John was a big help when I fractured my ankle. I needed a PT that understood the demands of rock climbing. Dr. John set me up with appropriate exercises through all the phases of PT. He was encouraging and friendly. This made our sessions something to look forward to each week. John also helped me with my wrist. I had chronic pain in my wrist whenever I would climb. The exercises that John gave me fixed the problem. It felt like a miracle and I was able to do things I hadn't been able to in years. Dr. John was also very informative and told you why to do certain exercises and how they would help. This helped me stay motivated and bought in through the healing process.

Dan, Apr 18

As I fitness professional I can say with confidence that Dr. John really does have a firm grasp on how to help me recover from my back injury and other mobility issues. I'm glad I went to see him.

Ahmed, Apr 27

John really knows his stuff. His breadth of knowledge in orthopedics in general as well as climbing specific PT & training is extensive. He’s helped me immensely not only with staying injury free, but also with maximizing my climbing training. His passion for what he does, his commitment to excellence, and his dedication to his clients is plain to see. He is always happy to answer any questions I have and to give me advice, and is extremely thorough. I look forward to continuing to work with him and would highly recommend him!

Stacey, Apr 28

I found John through the local climbing community and came to him with two goals in mind: 1) fix long-ignored plantar fasciitis so that I can run and 2) bring a sprained ankle back up to the peak performance that climbing requires. Regarding #1: I had been fighting PF for multiple years but never saw a professional because I had been trying the exercises recommended on the internet to no avail. I finally got fed up with my lack of improvement, started seeing John, and he very quickly was able to figure out what was causing my PF (immobility, lack of strength, and poor movement patterns) and we have been working on getting me back to running pain-free again. Regarding #2: I sprained my ankle half a year ago, saw an in-network provider who was able to help me get back to normal life, but I had remaining discomfort and weakness that was limiting my climbing (and approach hikes!). John's exercises have been very successful at getting me back to where I was before the injury, if not stronger than I"ve ever been. Thanks for your detailed and focused attention on me! I'm amazed at how much our sessions have helped! (And amazed at how you can always find new exercises to challenge me with).

Jennifer, Apr 30

Dr John is awesome. His knowledge of my injury and how to rehab from it was incredible. I told him exactly how my body was feeling, what hurt, what didn’t, and he created a program for me that allowed me to resume my usual workouts and activities much sooner than I anticipated, including preventative measures. Not only that, he was super nice, understanding, flexible with scheduling and attentive. I would go back to him in a heartbeat for any future rehab and would 100% recommend him.

Shaan, Jun 27

I have played competitive sports my whole life and thus have been in and out of physical therapy for years and years. Dr. John has offered the most comprehensive treatment of anyone I've ever worked with. He takes his time to diagnosis the problem and provide a custom rehab plan to address the issues. Most importantly, he reviewed progress with each appointment and adjusted the plan accordingly. There were several appointments where I felt he was reading my mind because the adjustments he made were perfectly aligned with my thoughts and wishes. I highly recommend Dr. John to anyone that needs professional help to regain their health and movement.

Michael, Jul 07