Julie Johnson, PT, DPT

Fairfax, Va
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Locations served : Fairfax, Burke, Vienna, Clifton, Annandale, Springfield, Centreville, Fairfax Station, Oakton 

Julie Johnson has been asking a million questions since she could talk.  She loves to know the why behind things and create (or try to create) clarity in the midst of confusion.  This loves for discovery, mixed with a love for activity has created a rich environment for physical therapy. Julie loves being a physical therapist.  In school, she was told that “ suffering is not knowing why you are in pain.”  This quote has stuck with Julie through her years of being a PT. 

This suffering can come in forms of not knowing why your baby is not crawling, to why you cant pick up your dog due to back pain, to just having a nagging injury when you run. Julie’s special interests involve pediatrics ( 0-18), sports ( including youth sports), vestibular rehabilitation, orthopedic injuries, running analysis and wellness.  Julie has worked around the globe from E. Africa, to California, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  She brings her love for movement and community wherever she goes.  She is passionate about treating the whole person and identifying the multiple factors that go into pain and dysfunction.  

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60 minute treatment session: $175

30 minute Telehealth: $90


Monday: Mornings, Afternoons
Tuesday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Wednesday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Thursday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Friday: Mornings, Afternoons

Certifications and Credentials

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Blood Flow restriction therapy- Owens Recovery

Sportsmetrics ™ 


Undergraduate:  Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo, CA

Gradulate school:  University St. Augustine, San Marcos, CA


-Pediatrics (developmental delays, torticollis, toe walking, gait analysis, hypotonia)



-Running analysis

-Vestibular ( concussion, BPPV, vertigo)

-Pediatric athletes


- Blood flow restriction therapy (Owens recovery)

-Spine rehabilitation 

-Hands-on Manual Therapy

- Soft Tissue Mobilization

- Cupping Therapy

- Return to Sport Assessment and Planning

Fun Facts

- Julie loves being active from hiking, to sports to going for walks

- Was born on an Island in S. California

- Lived in E. Africa for 5 years

- Loves being married to her husband and has two great kids

-Loves animals and wanted to be a zoologist until she saw their uniforms

-Loves coffee, the beach and warm weather


My son was a "toe walker," and had to be reminded at least 10 times a day to stop walking on his toes. After just one session with Julie, he's been very mindful of his stance, and he's only had to be reminded twice within a two week period (opposed to 10 times a day). Julie is extremely personable, funny, and makes the session fun! My son is looking forward to his next session!

Connor, Aug 16

Julie is the best! Really listens to what you need and cares deeply about your success! She’s wonderful.

Paige , Aug 28

Working with Julie has been such a delight. A super knowledgeable, fun and experienced physiotherapist, I earnestly looked forward to my twice weekly sessions with her. She’s personable, professional and compassionately goes the extra mile, always articulating the pros and cons of how I use my body. I also love that Julie is well travelled and so cross-culturally aware/sensitive. Very much look forward to my next chapter with her.

Veron, Oct 11

Since starting physical therapy with Julie Johnson of MovementX, I feel so much better. She’s very informative and has a wonderful personality. Before starting physical therapy I felt hopeless and regretted having the torn meniscus surgery. Now 2 weeks into physical therapy 3 times a week with Julie I feel so much better and I’m finally able to sleep through the night without the constant throbbing pain. Everyone I talk to I stress the importance of physical therapy. Now I’m hopeful that I will soon be back to my normal self.

Maribel, Dec 22

Julie has provided wonderful therapy for my knee. The range of motion has amazingly improved. She has answered every question I've asked in a very pleasant and informative way. I'm looking forward to more sessions.

David, Jan 23

I can’t say enough good things about Julie Johnson. In addition to helping me manage vertigo, she has also taught me breathing, stretches, and physical reset methods that help me in strength training and Essentrics. Not only do I feel much better, I have learned so much about musculature and vertigo triggers.

Susan, Feb 01
Rob, Mar 12