Michael Jordan, PT, DPT

Vienna, VA
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Dr. Michael Jordan was born and raised in the midwest, attending Wabash College and the University of Indianapolis for his schooling. Dr. Jordan also completed an orthopedic residency program at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Dr. Jordan worked for multiple gyms in Florida and Indiana as a strength coach. During this time he worked with middle school and high school athletes, PGA golfers, and MLB athletes. Dr. Jordan's own athletic background, experience in personal training, and career as a physical therapist provides him unique knowledge and insight in treating injured athletes. As a dual board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedic and sports physical therapy, Dr. Jordan has become one of the most highly qualified clinicians in the DC metro area in treating injured runners, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.Growing up, Dr. Jordan was immersed in sports year round. In high school, he participated in marching band, intramural basketball, track & field, and Babe Ruth baseball. Dr. Jordan ended up lettering in track and winning a Babe Ruth Indiana state championship. At Wabash College, Dr. Jordan played rugby, winning the National Small College Rugby Organization Indiana state championship his senior year. As an athlete himself, Dr. Jordan continues to find ways to challenge himself with various athletic endeavors. Over the past few years he has participated in bodybuilding, CrossFit competitions, Spartan races, rec league sports, golf scrambles, and running.


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Certifications and Credentials

▪️ American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties ▪️Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist ▪️ Integrative Dry Needling ▪️Certified Integrative Dry Needling Specialist ▪️ National Strength and Conditioning Association ▪️Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist ▪️ National Academy of Sports Medicine ▪️Corrective Exercise Specialist ▪️ Functional Movement Systems ▪️Certified Exercise Professional▪️ Precision Nutrition ▪️Certified Nutrition Coach Level 1▪️ BioForce ▪️Certified Conditioning Coach▪️ American Heart Association ▪️CPR and AED certified


▪️ Undergradute Degree ▪️B.A. in SpanishWabash College, Class of 2011▪️ Graduate Degree ▪️ Doctor of Physical TherapyUniversity of Indianapolis, Class of 2016▪️ Residency Training ▪️OrthopedicsUniversity of Chicago Medicine, Class of 2017


▪️ Orthopedic and Sports-Related Injuries ▪️As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and dual Board-Certified Orthopedic and Sports Clinical Specialist, I can help treat all demographics for musculoskeletal injuries, but especially understand the complexity of managing athletic injuries in the midst of your competitive season.▪️ Manual Therapy ▪️ I utilize a variety of manual therapies such as dry needling, joint mobilization and manipulation, sports massage, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (scraping), cupping, and kinesio taping.▪️ Run or Movement Analysis ▪️ Utilizing 2D analysis to determine any asymmetry, instability, or deficit in all movements.(Examples: squats, deadlifts, hopping or jumping, pushups, bench press, olympic lifts, any CrossFit movements, etc.)Run analysis entails utilizing 2D analysis capturing your run form in 4 different views (front, back, side, feet), measuring your run cadence, and can be done on both ground surface or treadmill. All views have the ability to view in slow motion or frame-by-frame to capture the entire gait cycle.▪️ Bloodflow Restriction Training (BFR) ▪️Combining anecdotal knowledge over the past 50 years of bodybuilding history as well as cutting edge clinical research trials over the past decade has caused BFR training to become one of the most effective modalities in physical therapy. This process is best for those with a painful injury or recent surgery that doesn't allow you to lift at your prior level of function without endangering the injured/repaired area.▪️ Strength and Conditioning ▪️ Through years of experience working with athletes, I've been drawn to a wide variety of interval training, heartrate/zone training to get you reconditioned safely while returning from injury. ▪️ Treatment of TMJ Disorders ▪️Soft tissue work on your facial/chewing muscles coupled with specific exercises can significantly decrease pain or dysfunction in your head, neck or jaw.

Fun Facts

Dr. Jordan's biggest hobbies outside of fitness includes listening to podcasts, competing in fantasy sports leagues, playing video games, collecting bourbon, cooking meat, and learning new things!


I had two session with him but he seems very knowledgable. He taught me something about my migraines (not that he was treating me for that) that even the doctors who threw medicine at me, never told me. He has a good way of explaining things as well. Very pleased!

Pierre, Oct 30

Michael's sessions are extremely information and educational. I have always been impressed how he can remember important details about our previous sessions, so I often feel as if I were his only client. I have recommended his services to several friends and colleagues who are interested in running and many other sports. I'll definitely look for his help in the future.

Alan, Nov 27

Dr. Jordan has been important to my training for my first Ironman. When I think I have a pain coming on after a race or heavy training, my sessions with Dr. Jordan has allowed me to continue my training the next day. He is extremely knowledgeable and his take home work are amazing.

Peter, Mar 23

Michael took the time to do a great assessment and videoed my running form to show me exactly where the breakdown was occurring. Very instructive. He performed dry needling too. That helped me greatly. I love all the links he provides for every exercise so that I can review each and not forget proper form. Highly recommend Michael!

Diane, Jul 21

Training for my first Ironman at 50yo, Michael was extremely knowledgeable and essential to my training and recovery.

Peter, Sep 08

Michael is amazing. He works on folks who are very active and works to get them back in the fight quickly. When I was having pain, he fit me into a busy holiday weekend and got me back on track. I enthusiastically recommend him! MajGen Roger Turner USMC

Roger , Nov 30