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Mackenzie Van Loo, PT, DPT’s personal mission statement is, “To provide quality service rooted in wisdom and intention, to combat the physical injustices of this world.”

Mackenzie is passionate about helping you live your life the way you were meant to—uninhibited by physical ailment or limitation. She geeks out over pelvic health, visceral mobilization, the use of Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging, birth justice, education, and return-to-sport postpartum.

While the Oregon native considered many career paths, Mackenzie decided the best way to serve people and their enjoyment of life was through physical therapy. Since graduating with her doctorate, Mackenzie has held two terms as the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Federal Affairs Liaison for Oregon, participated as an early career mentor for the Oregon Physical Therapy Association, served on various committees, and guest lectured at Oregon State University Cascades.

Mackenzie lives for Bend’s culture around getting outside and moving, and appreciates how formative that is to raising children and living a full and balanced family life. She feels incredibly privileged to reside here in Bend and hopes to contribute to the community for a long time to come.



Awbrey Butte, Boyd Acres, Century West, Deschutes, Larkspur, Mountain View, Old Bend, Old Farm District, Orchard District,  River West, Southeast Bend, Southern Crossing, Southwest Bend, Summit West, Tetherow, and Tumalo



  • Mobile Physical Therapy: At-home physical therapy, in-office care, in-gym care, etc
  • Virtual Physical Therapy: Via FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet



  • Urine, Bowel, Gas, & Pelvic Content Control: Urgency/overflow/stress incontinence of urine or bowel, incontinence of gas, queefing, constipation, incomplete emptying of bowel/bladder, slow or difficult to initiate urine stream, leaking after finishing urination, bloating after eating (postprandial), GERD, indigestion, altered gut transit, vagus nerve regulation, and pelvic organ prolapse (POP)
  • Pelvic, Genital, & Abdominal Pain: Pubic symphysis dysfunction, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, pain with tampon insertion & gynecological exams, pain with wearing pants/underwear, abdominal pain, menstrual pain, endometriosis, or tailbone pain
  • Orthopedic Pain & Injuries: Spine pain, low back pain, hip pain and injury, pelvic pain, knee ankle & foot, hip flexor tension that will not "stretch out," conditions that have "failed" traditional physical therapy, I love the "weird"!
  • Hypermobility: Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD) & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
  • Pregnancy Management: Training, sport continuation, labor prep & education
  • Postpartum Rehab: Training, return-to-sport including home visits in first 6 weeks
  • Pain With Sexual Activity: pain with giving or receiving penetration, lack of orgasm, pain/sensitivity inhibiting orgasm, pain with orgasm
  • Abdominal & Pelvic Surgery Prehab & Rehab: pelvic organ prolapse surgery, hernia repair, any abdominal surgery, tummy tuck, postsurgical adhesions, prostatectomy 
  • Pediatric Pelvic Issues: Urinary dysfunction, bedwetting, & constipation
  • Gender Affirming Care and Gender-Spectrum Sensitive Care




60 Minute Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment Sessions: $225

Follow-Up Treatment Session Bundles:

— 4 full 1-hour sessions (save 5%)

— 8 full 1-hour sessions (save 10%)


Monday: Afternoons, Evenings
Tuesday: Afternoons, Evenings, Late evenings
Wednesday: Afternoons, Evenings, Late evenings
Sunday: Afternoons, Evenings

Certifications and Credentials

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Women's Clinical Specialist 
  • Certificate of Achievement in Obstetrics from the Academy of Pelvic Health 
  • Myofascial & Visceral Mobilization trained via Herman & Wallace, North American Institue of Orthopedic & Manual Therapy 
  • Real Time Ultrasound for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation


  • Oregon State Univeristy Honors Bachelors of Science
  • Pacific University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Women’s Clinical Specialist (WCS)
  • APTA Academy of Pelvic Health (APT) Certificate of Achievement in Obstetrics (CAPP-OB)
  • Herman & Wallace Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Institute
  • North American Institute of Manual Therapy (NAIOMT)
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach


🙌  Hands-On Manual Therapy

⚖️  Internal & External Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Treatment

💪🏼  Whole Body Exercise Programming for Pelvic Floor Rehab & More

🛠  Soft Tissue Mobilization & Joint Manipulation

🪠  Cupping & Gua Sha

🔉  Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation 

🧴  Visceral Mobilzation

📝  Pain Management

Fun Facts

Mackenzie Van Loo, PT, DPT has five brothers, has had four concussions, and her favorite vegetable is an artichoke. When not moving her body or chasing her child, she loves cooking multi-course meals from around the world, gardening, and watercoloring. 

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I can’t believe how much Mackenzie helped me. I had given up on sex because it was too painful (due to what I thought was just aging), but you worked your magic and everything is working now as it should. I learned so much from you. I am happy I didn’t just accept that my sex life was over. Your gentle manor made me feel safe to discuss anything with you, and I appreciate how you educated me so I didn’t feel that there was something wrong with me. I wish more women knew about physical therapy for pelvic floor and I wish I had known about you sooner, but I will take what I can get. By the way, you completely fixed my hip too! The pain was gone after our last appointment. I can’t believe I suffered with that for 6 months too. You are a true healer. I will be back to treat a few of the other things I mentioned at our last visit. My husband and I both thank you again!

Jane, Jan 27

Dr. Van Loo is incredibly skilled with her assessments and treatments. She helped me greatly with musculoskeletal issues that were undiagnosed for years. I confidently refer her my patients as well and know they are in very capable hands!

Lauren, Jul 24

Mackenzie is wonderful! She is super skilled and very knowledgeable. She explains everything, looks for root causes, and is extremely positive/encouraging. We would recommend her to anyone that needs PT services.

Virginia, Dec 18

Mackenzie is incredible! I had long-lingering digestive issues that I could not figure out and within one appointment, she had pinpointed things that may have been causing them. Over the course of our work together, she helped me tremendously by first, helping to resolve some things and second, giving me the tools to help myself if/when symptoms flared. I highly recommend working with her. She's thoughtful, kind, and highly knowledgeable!

Jill, Jan 02

Mackenzie Van Loo is a true healer in our community. She takes time to get to know you and is extremely gifted in how she supports true healing. I am so thankful to have found her!

Marie, Jan 05

I went to Mackenzie to help correct my foot strength and shape originally and not only did she give me helpful tools to begin that process, she also help me correct my hip flexor and an injury in my rotator cuff from working out. She is amazing at diagnosis issues and helping me understand why and how things happen to my body. And easy obtainable stretches and exercises to help my body heal. Highly highly recommend her!

Danielle, Jan 25

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Vanloo and MovementX. Dr. Vanloo put me on the road to recovery and elimination of pain in a few short months after a decade of pain. Unlike other physical therapy services Dr. Vanloo incorporates excellent body work into her practice coupled with prescribed movement exercises. The combination resulted in rapid healing and recovery that is now very manageable to maintain. I can't speak highly enough of her knowledge, approach, kindness and results. I'm recommending her to everyone I know.

Nicholle, Feb 01

Mackenzie did a great job looking at my issues and treating my hip issues.

Janet, Feb 13