Melissa Bartlett, PT, DPT

McMinnville, OR

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Hi there, I'm Dr. Mel! One of my favorite parts of being a physical therapist is getting to know my patients, their stories, and what motivates them every day. I'd love to share a little about myself so you can get a glimpse of who I am. Here's some background on me:

I grew up in the small town of Astoria, Oregon. This small town upbringing greatly shaped who I am today and why I value relationships and connection to my community so much

When I was in college, I had every intention of choosing a path that would lead me to a career in dentistry, specifically orthodontics, as I wanted to see my patients on a regular basis and get to know them. Well, I later discovered the field of physical therapy and fell in love. Years later, I now specialize in treating the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and orofacial conditions. This is the perfect blend of two passions and interests for me, and I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity to help patients with this specific and often agonizing area of pain/dysfunction. I also love to treat sports injuries and other orthopedic conditions, as I grew up playing sports year round, so helping others be able to optimize their movement for athletics (or any other movement goal) is incredibly rewarding and relatable!

My motivation for everything is my family. I have a wonderful husband, 2 year old daughter, and an 8 year old Australian Shepherd. I want to be able to get on the floor and crawl around with my daughter, throw her up in the air, chase my wild dog around the yard, and run on the soft sand when we go on vacation. This is my motivation for staying healthy, strong, and most importantly, keeping my body moving so I can enjoy these precious moments. I look forward to learning about your "why" and helping you to meet your goals!

With MovementX, our model allows me to spend quality 1 on 1 time with you so we can get to know each other, tailor our sessions to meet your individualized goals and help you move your best! I strive to make you feel comfortable and always do my best to encourage you along the way! Being mobile means I am happy to travel to your home, work, or gym in order to best accommodate your schedule and treat you where you are most comfortable!

Call or text the number above to get in touch with me directly for a free phone consultation about what your health goals are and what you wish to accomplish. You can also click here to request care with me today. 



McMinnville, OR - Yamhill County - Salem - Polk County - Lake Oswego - Sherwood - Wilsonville - Portland (upon request)

Please inquire if you don't see your location listed!


CONDITIONS TREATED (not an exclusive list)

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and Orofacial Pain: Jaw pain, neck pain, chronic headaches and migraines, bruxism, masticatory myalgia, facial fractures, postural dysfunction, disc derangement, degenerative joint disease, myofascial pain, ear fullness (baroacusis), Bell’s Palsy, post-surgical

Sports injuries: Rotator cuff tears, ACL tears, meniscus tears, ligament sprains, muscle strains, stress fractures, disc herniations, plantar fasciitis, muscle spasms, tendinopathies and tendinitis 

Orthopedic Pain & Stiffness: Neck pain, low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, hypermobility, carpal tunnel, whiplash (MVA)

Chronic Pain: Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, EDS, rhematoid and osteoarthritis, neuropathy

Post-Op Care: Rotator cuff, Total joint replacement, ACL and meniscus, Spinal surgery, PRP, Orthognathic surgery



Initial Evaluation & Treatment Session:

  • In Person: Yamhill County Residents $175/hr, Travel patients (beyond Yamhill County) $200/hr
  • Virtual: $131.50 (45 min) or $175 (60 min)



Yamhill County Residents:

  • 4 full 60 min sessions for $665 (save 5%)
  • 8 full 60 min sessions fo $1260 (save 10%)
  • 12 full 60 min sessions for $1785 (save 15%)

Outside of Yamhill County:

  • 4 full 60 min sessions for $760 (save 5%)
  • 8 full 60 min sessions fo $1440 (save 10%)
  • 12 full 60 min sessions for $2040 (save 15%)


Monday: Mornings, Afternoons
Tuesday: Mornings, Afternoons
Wednesday: Mornings, Afternoons
Friday: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings

Certifications and Credentials

Dr. Mel earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from George Fox University in 2016. She has worked in outpatient orthopedics for 7 years, and has enjoyed treating a diversity of different orthopedic conditions. In 2021, Dr. Mel began pursuing a specialty in Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain, where she discovered a profound passion. She is now on track to sit for the next CCTT (Certified Cervical and Temporomandibular Therapist) board exam in 2024, in which she would be the only practicing CCTT in Oregon. 


  • George Fox University Class of 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy 
  • Pacific University Class of 2013, BS in Exercise Science, Minor in Biology


🙌  Hands-on Manual Therapy

  • Including intra-oral manual therapy for TMJ and orofacial conditions
  • MFD (cupping) with movement 
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization and Joint Mobilization

🏋️‍♂️  Personalized Exercise Training Programs

💪  Strengthening and Conditioning for Athletes

📝  Pain Management

⚖️  Balance Training and Falls Prevention

⚕️  Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


Fun Facts

  • I love to cook and bake! In my spare time, you will often find me with flour on my clothes, baking goodies for friends and family or hosting pizza nights to get use out of our pizza oven!
  • I love to work out and break a sweat! Strength training and HIIT workouts are part of my regular routine to help me stay fit for my daughter and for many patients. Plus, I have to work off all that pizza, right?!
  • Living in the Willamette Valley, it should probably go without saying, but I enjoy wine tasting on the weekends with friends. Our Oregon Pinot Noirs can't be beat!
  • One of my favorite past times is going clam digging at the coast with my family. This is something I grew up doing so it's very nostalgic for me. The sandy feet, messy hair, and smell of the ocean are all things that bring me so much joy!
  • I am a BIG dog person. If you have a dog, and they allow it, you can be sure I'll be giving some dog treats and extra long pets!

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My dentist referred me to Mel for severe TMJ last year. I followed Mel to MovementX from another clinic because I truly believe she's the best of the best. When I first started PT with Mel, I wasn't able to open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich, I had constant TMJ pain, headaches, and I was having trouble sleeping due to the severe TMJ pain. Mel is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and does such a thorough job explaining at home exercises. I am happy to say that I am now able to manage my TMJ and function normally, I owe it all to Mel. I always refer Mel to anyone struggling with TMJ or with any PT needs, she's the absolute best! Thank you so much, Mel!!

Maud, Jun 19

This is a high recommendation for Mel Bartlett, PT, DPT at MovementX PT in McMinnville, OR. I recently have seen Melissa for jaw, neck and related head pain associated with TMJ and cervical issues that persisted for over a year. She works in a dedicated space that allows her to give her full attention to understanding individual needs, customizing and performing all aspects of therapy and then educating her clients so they might incorporate good practices into their daily lives. She is thoughtful and enthusiastic and a great communicator. I've learned that the effects of TMJ and their related physical strains are real, complicated and not well understood. Melissa has studied, followed the research and pursues continuing education in this area. She also has the experience of seeing the results of applying this expertise to her clients for their recovery. Mel is both a great resource as well as a great DPT. Nancy Thompson Harden McMinnville, OR

Nancy, Jul 21

We absolutely love Melissa! She was so wonderful with my son. Very gentle and connected with him so well.

Aaron, Jul 28

I’ve been seeing Mel for TMJ pain for two years, and one of my favorite things about having her as my physical therapist is that she’s always learning something new so she can better take care of her patients. Any time I have a problem, she’s quick to research and help me figure it out. Because of this, we’ve discovered and targeted so many other aches/pains/bad habits that I have struggled with but had no idea they were connected to my jaw before working with her! She’s treating my jaw and also just helping my body and lifestyle be better set to help my jaw too! She’s the best kind of physical therapist because she’s not only good at PT, but also just a really cool person to spend hour-long treatment sessions with. She’s very easy to talk to and it makes the appointments comfortable and fun!

Jaime, Sep 25

Mel was exceptional at treating my jaw pain. She is highly knowledgeable, explains everything well, friendly, and accommodating. She takes the time to understand me as a whole and work my treatment into my lifestyle.

Alison, Dec 13

I've been dealing with TMJ symptoms for over a year after a complicated wisdom teeth removal. I saw countless specialists (oral surgeon, dentist, endodontist, ENT, PMC, Physiatrist, Chiropractor) with limited improvement before finding Mel. I am living most days pain free thanks to her intra-oral techniques and treatment plan. She is extremely well-versed in TMD, organized, thorough, and sends notes after each session with next steps. It is apparent from the start that Mel genuinely cares about seeing her patients improve. I went from feeling hopeless after seeing so many specialists with no successful treatment plan to seeing a clear path for improvement after just a few PT sessions with Mel. I can't recommend her enough.

Julia, Dec 19

Mel is positive, professional, and responsive. I immediately felt comfortable working with her, and appreciate her knowledge and skills. I've dealt with TMJ issues for most of my life, and I learned new techniques to help me help myself. Highly recommend!

Debra, Jan 30

I would give 100 stars if I could. I am so glad I found Mel! I began seeing her nearly 8 years ago after the birth of my son left me with nerve damage in my left leg. The injury left me unable to complete normal everyday tasks, I couldn't even walk without a full leg brace. Imagine being a first time mom caring for a newborn when you CAN'T walk! The doctors told me they didn't know the extent of my injuries and if the nerve damage was even repairable. It was a difficult time for me physically and mentally. Mel had me walking on my own again in less than a month and she treated me with such compassion and care! I will forever be grateful to her. Fast forward 7 years later and she has now treated my entire family. She continues to improve our quality of life every time we see her, she is hands down the best in the business!

Randilynn, Feb 16