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Scott McAfee, PT, DPT believes in a world where anyone can move & live their best. The problem is that with today's healthcare system, finding the best clinician, avoiding crowded physical therapy clinics, and dealing with insurance can be frustrating. That's why he chose to do things differently.

With MovementX, his physcial therapy practice is 100% mobile–he provides care in the comfort of your home, gym, or office. He brings a mobile treatment table and helps you decrease pain, increase strength/mobility, prevent injury, restore function, and coordinate your care plan. Wherever & whenever you need care, he can be there. It's convenient, valuable, & personalized to whatever you need.

Scott McAfee, PT, DPT works with a wide range of people, from youth athletes & avid runners to active grandparents & busy businesspeople. Call or text the number above to get directly in touch with him, and you can have a free phone consultation about what health goals you want to accomplish with specialized physical therapy care.  Or, click here to request care with him today.



Washington, D.C.   •   Arlington, VA   •   Alexandria, VA   •   McLean, VA   •   Falls Church, VA   •   Bethesda, MD



Orthopedic Pain & Joint Stiffness: Knee Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder and Adhesive Capsulitis, Ankle Pain, Foot Pain, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Pain and Fatigue, Headaches, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, Bursitis, Radiculopathy, Carpal Tunnel, Scoliosis, Poor Posture, EDS and Hypermobility

Sports Injuries: Running Pain, Running Injuries, Achilles Tendonitis, Rotator Cuff Tears, Meniscus Tears, Ligament Sprains, Muscle Strains and Spasms, Disc Herniations, Bone Fractures and Stress Fractures, Plantar Fasciitis, and Concussion Management

Neurological Conditions: Headaches, Balance and Vestibular Disorders, Falls Prevention, Dizziness and Vertigo, Parkinson's Disease, and Parsonage Turner Syndrome (PTS)



Initial Evaluation & Treatment Session:

— In-Person: $250 (90min)

— Virtual: $200 (60min)

Single Follow-Up Treatment Sessions:

— In-Person: $200 (60min)

— Virtual: $150 (60min)

Follow-Up Treatment Session Bundles: (for cash-pay patients only)

— 4 full 1-hour sessions for $760 (save $40)

— 7 full 1-hour sessions for $1260 (save $140)

— 10 full 1-hour sessions for $1700 (save $300)


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Tuesday: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Thursday: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings

Certifications and Credentials

▪️ Doctor of Physical Therapy

▪️ Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist


▪️ Bachelors of Science in Physiological Science from UCLA

▪️ Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from USC [#1 program in the country]

▪️ Orthopedic residency training at Adventist Health Glendale


🙌  Hands-on Manual Therapy

🏋️‍♂️  Personalized Exercise Training Programs

🏃‍♂️  Slow-Motion Running Gait Analysis

🛠  Soft Tissue Mobilization and Joint Manipulation

💪  Strengthening and Conditioning for Athletes

📝  Pain Management

⚖️  Balance Training and Falls Prevention

⚕️  Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

👫  Group or Family Sessions


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Fun Facts


As an athlete, traveler, & adventurer, Scott McAfee, PT, DPT has always had movement at the center of his world. That's why he made it a career to optimize people's movement so they can optimize their lives.

It all started when he began to develop excruciating knee pain as a cross country & track runner. Scott McAfee, PT, DPT bounced around different physicians & specialists, but nothing seemed to ​help. Finally, after a visit with a local physcial therapist, he was properly diagnosed and given an effective treatment plan going forward. Scott McAfee, PT, DPT got back to running and ultimately helped his team finish 6th in the California State Championship race.

He's since said that he'll never forget the powerful feelings of accomplishment & camaraderie after that race. "That's why I do what I do. I love helping people live healthier, happier lives."


Dr. Scott was extremely patient and a good, active listener! I felt as if he truly was interested and cared about my recovery and the steps to get there!

Lauren, Aug 31

My session with Dr. Scott was fantastic, and the convenience that his service provides can not be understated. Dr. Scott is a true professional, and I always felt comfortable putting my trust in his knowledge. He takes the time to understand what your individual goals are, how they relate to your injury, and develops a plan (with your input) moving forward. Above all else, he puts your goals and wishes before anything else, and for that reason alone I would recommend Dr. Scott to anyone. In fact, I already have!

Tyler, Sep 06

Yesterday was my first appointment with Scott...He is extremely knowledgeable/professional and I would highly recommend. He really knows his stuff and I am already feeling looser and less stiff in just one session!

Max, Sep 12

My son worked with Dr. Scott on a nagging injury and got some relief. In addition Scott gave him pointers on how to prevent further injury. Scott was patient and effective and extremely pleasant. Thanks Scott!

Kyle, Jan 27

I learned some new and Interesting balance exercises during this session.

JoAnn, Jun 05

After putting up with nagging pain in my neck and shoulder for years I had relief after my first session with Dr. Scott. I had forgotten how productive and joyful a life free from pain is. I’ll need to continue treatment, but I have new hope that I can live pain free.

Corrie , Jul 02

Scott is so professional and it is CLEAR he truly cares for his patients' wellbeing! Would (and have) highly recommend him to anyone in need of PT!

Shira, Jul 21

I have been very impressed with Scott McAfee's professionalism, caring and expertise in not only working with my 93 year old mother who has significant physical and cognitive limitations but alsoo with patients that I have referred over the last year or so. My mother's physical strength, stamina, and physical safety/balance have improved significantly and her personal training has had a positive effect on her cognitively as well.

Ana, Nov 22

Had a great session with Scott. He was personable, knowledgable, and professional. After the session, Scott delivered an exceptional assessment of body mechanics and how they were contributing to the concerns I raised in our initial consultation. Additionally, Scott created a custom training program to help me address mechanics issues and deficiencies to improve my strength and mobility where needed. It was a pleasure working with Scott and I would recommend him to anyone.

Joe, Sep 29
Mary, Mar 24

This was my first time working with a running specialist and Scott set a high bar for anyone else. He was able to pick up on a movements that certainly contributed towards my tendonitis, subtle actions that I had no idea I did. The session was comprehensive, informative, and an overall charming time. I absolutely recommend him.

Zachary, Mar 26

Scott is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. He understands physiology and anatomy so intricately. He figured out the etiology of my back pain in a single visit and his treatment plan has set me on such an improved trajectory. He was thorough, attentive, and was able to provide reasonable exercises that would fit with my life and time constraints.

Madeline, Sep 28