Miguel Almario, PT, DPT

Seattle, WA
Building life through movement

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$200.0 / Hour


Miguel Almario is a Physical Therapist, movement coach, and dancer based out of Seattle, WA. Miguel completed his Physical Therapy education and received his Doctorate from The Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA. Having participated in the freestyle, commercial, and community choreography scenes has allowed Miguel to develop his dance style using lessons from various avenues. Being involved in the dance scene for 15+ years has given Miguel a unique perspective on movement and physical preparedness, blending both art and science. Miguel hopes to use his passion for dance and physical wellness to educate the individual and the community.


Monday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Tuesday: Early mornings, Mornings
Wednesday: Early mornings, Mornings
Thursday: Early mornings, Mornings
Friday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons

Certifications and Credentials

PT, DPT; Hip Hop and street dance education; RKC


University of Maryland Baltimore County, MGH IHP


Dance, Crossfit, Weightlifting, Runners, Older Adults,

Fun Facts

Was once on a dance reality show, Currently learning Dutch and French


I've been working with another PT for over a year - had ONE session with Miguel and everything I'd been working on clicked (and the injury I'd seen him for has not been a problem since). I'd recommend Miguel to literally anyone, ESPECIALLY if you're a dancer! He knows his stuff!

Ronald, Feb 25

Before, I didn't understand what different workouts were training specifically and would lean away from certain exercises if they caused discomfort in my joints. Now, I understand how strength training enhances my daily life and art as a dancer. Since training with Miguel, I've increased my endurance and overall strength (notice it especially in my ankles and arms). I'm also better at gauging whether discomfort in certain joints was a growth discomfort or I was reaching my upper limit. I used to view certain parts of my body as "problems," such as limited ankle movement forward and backward, having cracking knees when I bend them, and my "odd" walk from not getting PT after surgery. Now, I instead think about the shortcuts my body made to adjust to my daily life and use training to extend the range of motion I would like to access in my life. It's been wonderful having a trainer adjust my training weekly to what I want to strengthen and for his feedback on my range of motion. It's helped clear up a lot of misconceptions and contradicting information I've seen online.

Tran, Apr 01