Nicole Leach, PT, DPT

Redmond, OR

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Dr. Nicki Leach (she/her) is an energetic and enthusiastic Pennsylvania native. She grew up racing around the rolling hills of the Appalachian mountains barefoot exploring the farmland and forests around her home. She has an instiable curiosity that has led her to take many teaching roles in her life and ultimately allowing her to find her home with Movement-X. The opportunity to open the boundaries and eliminate barriers and bias by seeing people in the environments in which they move, live, and play led her into the arms of the Movement-X community. 

In the Movement X model, she is excited to be able to focus her energy and time one-on-one to craft individualized and creative treatment returning people to wellness and physical freedom. 

After having several untreated injuries in her early sporting career in high school into college, she was able to get a deep grasp at the emotional, physical, and mental toll pain and impairments can create in our lives. She has been able to utilize that journey to meet patients in the midst of pain and struggle with a focused intention of reclaiming movement, confidence, and ease in daily life.

She has practiced PT in multiple countries allowing first hand experience into how the way we use our bodies in our daily life requires a specialized and individualized approach to optimize our own idea of wellness. 

Nicki Leach PT, DPT works with a large variety of people from athletes throughout the lifespan to grandparents wanting to be a part of their grandkidos lives. Whether it is more easily caring for your home, returning to hobby sports, walking along the Deschutes, or upping your skill and performance, she is ready and able to work with you to help you meet your goals. Call or text the number above to get directly in touch with her, and you can have a free phone consultation. Your next step to physical freedom is just a phone call away!


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Our sessions can take place at your gym, in your home, on your lunch break, in a park, or anywhere else you move, live, and play!


Thursday: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Late evenings
Friday: Afternoons, Evenings, Late evenings
Saturday: Afternoons, Evenings
Sunday: Afternoons, Evenings

Certifications and Credentials

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • SFMA Level 1 and 2 
  • Run DNA Certified Gait Analyst Level 1 and 2
  • Clinical instructor APTA? 


  • Bachelor's in Health Science - Saint Francis University - 2014
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy - Saint Francis University - 2016


  • Running rehabilitation - running and gait analysis, performance, and injury prevention
  • Manual therapy and myofascial release
  • Orthopedic conditions - foot and ankle, low back, neck, mid-back, shoulder, TMJ, knee, hip, and pelvic conditions. 
  • Complex biomechanical injuries and impairment
  • Chronic and persistent pain
  • Sports rehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Active older adult care
  • Weight lifting and power lifting

Fun Facts

Nicki has a deep love of reading, writing, and the creative arts (and this often influences her perspectives and approach to patient care). She is a lover of animals and enjoys training her puppy with the hopes of competing in future trials. She is always looking for new ways to move and learn to help keep her body and brain sharp. One of her major life goals is to be able to do a controlled handstand. 


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