Rebecca Martin, PT, DPT, PhD

North Lawrence, NY
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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I am a physical therapist who is passionate about using my expertise to help improve the mobility and quality of life of my clients. As a Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist in Physical Therapy, an educator, and a leader in the the American Physical Therapy Association, I am in a unique position that allows me to stay on the cutting edge in my field. Internationally, I enjoy working on task forces with experts from around the world to create resources that push the field of physical therapy forward on a global scale. Nationally, I serve as the Co-Chair of the Combined Sections Meeting's Program Committe, which helps to organize an annual conference for nearly 20,000 physical therapist. Historically, I have also Chaired the Degenerative Disease Special Interest Group of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy which works to improve the care and lives of individuals with diseases like Parkinson diseas and ALS, and the American Physical Therapy Association's COVID-19 Core Outcome Measure Task Force. Locally, speaking at public Science Cafes, at health fairs with the Seaway Parkinson's Coalition, and running support groups. But at the end of the day, I am still a physical therapist who loves to treat individual clients 1:1. In order to bring my expertise to a wider range of clients, I attained my American Physical Therapy Association Telehealth Certification. While my clinical specializations are concussion,  Parkinson's disease, and Long COVID, my varied background includes generalized orthopedics, a specialized sports internship with Cincinnati Sports Medicine, post-amputation care and prosthetic training, and pediatrics. I am excited to help you through your personal journey toward better health!


Tuesday: Mornings, Afternoons
Wednesday: Mornings, Afternoons
Thursday: Mornings, Afternoons
Friday: Mornings, Afternoons

Certifications and Credentials

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Board
  • Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy

Specialty Area Qualifications: 


Relevant background: 

  • One of the primary authors of "Safe Rehabilitation in Long COVID Guidelines" by World Physiotherapy
  • Chair of the American Physical Therapy Association's COVID-19 Core Outcome Measure Task Force


Relevant background: 

  • Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist
  • Work with D1 and professional athletes to return to play following concussion
  • Work with individuals who have persistent symptoms that were preventing them from returning to work, school, or life
  • Update NCAA D1-D3 College Return to Play Protocols
  • Concussion researcher 

Parkinson Disease

Relevant background:

  • Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist
  • Parkinson diseaseresearcher
  • Parkinson Foundation Faculty Scholar
  • Chair of the Degenerative Disease Special Interest Group for the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy (2020-2023)
  • Local support group leader for individuals with Parkinson disease for the past 9 year


  • PhD in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University 
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy from MGH Institute of Health Professions 
  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Misericordia University 
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences in Physical Therapy from Misericordia University 



Evert person's recovery from COVID-19 is different. Most providers are not familiar with Long COVID and try the treatments with every patient. My approach is to learn about your personal experience and what your goals are. Then, I work with you to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms so that we can address problems from the root cause. We can talk through everything from dizziness, to sleep, to non-motor symptoms like bowel and bladder changes. 


First and foremost, my goal is to get you safely back to all your life activites as soon as possible. With any suspected concussion, it is important for a local provider to screen your for injuries more serious than a concussion (often this happens at the E.R.). After that, you want to work with an expert who understands the not only how the neurometabolic cascade effects your brain, but also the desire to get back in the "game." As a 2 sport college athlete who works with D1 and pro athletes, I understand going the extra mile to recover as quickly as possible. As a clinical expert, I can design a safe recovery plan including everything from exercising to reading. 

Parkinson Disease

Parkinson disease is a life-changing diagnosis, but having a Parkinson expert on your healthcare team can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Physical therapy for people with Parkinson disease should be more than an exercise routine. You want someone who can help you maximize your daily routine and lifestyle so that you can move better wherever you go. Some clients meet with me monthly to discuss any new symptoms, problem solve any new struggles, advance their home program, or plan for upcoming events or travel. Others exercise with me weekly for the 1:1 attention.

Fun Facts

In addition to being a clinician, I teach for University of Montana's transitional Doctor of Physical therapy program, coordinate the patient case examples for the most commonly used textbook in physical therapy education, and create learning materials for students and instructors in physical therapy programs. 

Outside of work, I love to be active. I am an avid hiker, backpacker, kayaker, and anything else that gets me and my family moving. 


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