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Dr. Shira Racoosin is a physical therapist in Northwest DC. Shira graduated from the George Washington University with her doctorate in physical therapy and completed advanced speciality training through Orthopaedic Residency with MovementX. She is passionate about the patient experience and loves collaborating with patients to reach functional movement goals.

Shira loves treating all orthopaedic patients, with a special interest in middle to older adult care. She has worked across the spectrum of orthopaedic practice, from working with patients in the hospital setting post-operatively to working with high school and college athletes in the private outpatient setting. Shira received numerous awards during her graduate education, earning 5 student excellence awards and was selected as the student speaker for her graduating class.

In addition to clinical practice, Shira has a passion for physical therapy research. Most recently, Shira and her colleagues published an article on clinical decision making for the use of manual therapy as an intervention for patellofemoral pain. Shira is passionate about what she does and cares about empowering you to move better.

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Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Friendship Heights, Tenleytown, Cathedral Heights, Cleveland Park, Woodley Park, Georgetown, West End, Dupont Circle, Washington DC Metro


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Monday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Tuesday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Wednesday: Afternoons
Thursday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons
Friday: Early mornings, Mornings, Afternoons

Certifications and Credentials

  • Orthopaedic Residency with EIM x MovementX
  • Dry Needling Certification: DN-1
  • Champion Performance Specialist-Course Instructor: Mike Reinold, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS, C-PS


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, The George Washington University
  • Bachelors of Science, Kinesiology - Exercise and Movement Science, The University of Wisconsin - Madison


  • Orthopedic Pain and Injury
  • Active Older Adult Care
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Stroke Rehabilitation

Fun Facts

  • Shira grew up as an avid basketball player. You can still catch her shooting hoops on the weekends on outdoor courts around DC.
  • Shira traveled to Guatemala with MovementX's CEO Dr. Josh D'Angelo and CMO Dr. Scott McAfee with the organization Move Together, providing PT services to underserved communities
  • Shira is a huge college sports fan, Go Badgers #OnWisconsin!


At 61, very active and with back issues, I’ve seen my share of Orthopedics and Physical Therapists. My back pain tends to be lower back, but for several weeks I was having issues in my upper back/shoulder area. Not sure if it was a golf or Peloton problem or something else. Someone recommended MovementX and I scheduled my first PT session with Shira. The scheduling process was simple, and Shira was accommodating to my schedule. She brought her table and the rest of her equipment to my home and set up shop. Shira wore a mask and took every precaution with regard to Covid and I felt very comfortable. Shira asked many questions about my aches and pains and I could tell from our first meeting that she was extremely knowledgeable. It’s clear that she’s passionate about what she does. Aside from recommending a number of exercises and stretches that I hadn’t seen before, she took the time to analyze my golf swing, how I was positioned on my bike and how I sit in the car. She made several minor adjustments to all three and so far, they seem to be working. Shira is very friendly, easy to talk to and explains things so that you can understand. She also listens well. She was great to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Bruce, Sep 09

My experience with Shira has been extremely rewarding. She has been a phenomenal physical therapist and a wonderful coach not only with her expertise , but with her willingness to always go the extra mile in understanding and explaining what would really work in addressing my problems with my shoulder and back as a professional cellist and musician. Our sessions continue to be a wonderful new tool for me to go forward in my music making and cello playing. Ignacio Alcover Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra Washington National Opera Orchestra Musica Aperta George Mason University

Ignacio, Nov 09

I highly recommend Dr. Shira Racoosin, PT, DPT, for your physical therapy care. Thanks to Dr. Racoosin, I am walking again, free of pain. She has the skills, training and professionalism to provide effective treatment. She targeted the source of my leg pain, rehabilitated it, and gave me exercises to continue my recovery at home. Whether you are a senior, like me, walking for health, or an athlete competing to win, add Dr. Racoosin to your medical team. Karl W. Neander

Karl, Nov 11

Shira is attentive and focused on reducing your pain, improving your strength and range of motion. She motivated me to do exercises every day, which helped with the recovery. I highly recommend her.

Dora, Nov 12

Shira is simply amazing! She provides superb care and follow-through. I had such bad pain that I thought just couldn't be helped, and now it's gone! Dr. Racoosin is pleasant, pro-active, detail-oriented, and resolute. She definitely goes the extra mile to ensure the best outcome. Working with her was easily one the most positive experiences I've ever had in my life with a health care professional.

Kamille , Nov 17

Shira, did an amazing job pre-session communication that I was looking forward to meeting her. I was impressed by her punctuality and professionalism upon first meeting. Communication during the session was learning about myself and how she can help and this was obvious when she presented her plan. I have had Physical Therapy in the past and Shira brought a new level of expertise, professionalism, and empathy that I had a new trust of a physical therapist and was excited to start working with her.

Sean, Nov 20

Shira is excellent. She has helped me rehab from lower back issues quickly and efficiently. Her instructions for exercises are clear and easy to understand and her treatments are thorough and effective.

Robert, Dec 01

My computer is not showing what's in those five rating boxes, so please let me use this sentence to give Shira the highest rating, whichever box that means should be checked.Shira and I are working together outside, given Covid; and today's session is the second one that we did in the snow. During the first of those snow sessions the snow was actually still falling and we worked under an overhang on my front porch. Today, we worked on a portion of the driveway cleared off of snow with sunshine and beautiful snow around us.I start with talking about the two sessions in the snow, because they demonstrate Shira's determination to accommodate my needs and meet me where I am on my journey back to full fitness after shoulder surgery.First, Shira thoroughly examined my shoulder and reassured me that we would work in ways that would strengthen and not risk re-injuring it. Shira's obvious knowledge and skill, and her obvious caring about me and my concerns as her patient opened the door to all of the physical work that we have been doing now over the past 16 or 17 sessions.Second, Shira is so observant as we work together, and she so picks up on where I have the capacity to do more of X or where we have already done enough of Y for the moment, so we use every minute of the PT session without my ever feeling pressed to go beyond what I'm comfortable with.Third, through carefully selected and customized exercises and routines, Shira has over 16 sessions both (a) dramatically strengthened what I can confidently lift and carry, notwithstanding the shoulder surgery; and (b) meaningfully increased my overall fitness and stamina. I feel and I really believe I am both stronger and heathier. Objectively, this is verified by the dramatic increase in the number of pounds that I can work with successfully in different ways. Subjectively, it's obvious in my daily routine, as I lift bags of groceries, take out the trash, and bend for this or reach for that.Fourth, Shira has both (1) given me simply exercises and routines that I can doing during the week between sessions, when I can seize time here and there; and (2) removed the pressure on me to do those exercisers and routines, when the pressures of my work and family commitments make those exercises and routines unrealistic. I have too much stress in my life already, so lucky for me that working with Shira is a 100% positive experience, where she is always celebrating and supportive of what I accomplish and never disappointed or annoyed, if I can't exercise very much between sessions or have difficulty picking up on a set of movements. Fifth, and speaking of removing pressure, Shira has been very careful to enable me to feel safe from the risks of covid, as she is fully masked, already vaccinated, wipes everything down, works outside, and facilitates our socially distancing when feasible, etc.How fortunate for me that my wife gave me as a birthday gift a package of PT/fitness sessions with Shira. How fortunate for me that my wife and I made the decision to sign up for two more packages of sessions, such that I have been building myself up over these past couple of month notwithstanding the cold and the pandemic.Thanks very much for what Shira has accomplished in working with me. Cliff H.

Clifford, Jan 31

Shira R has been my PT for the last month and she is beyond fantastic! She is so professional and knowledgeable. I tore my hamstring and I went from not being able to move to almost a full recovery in 4 weeks. I highly recommend Shira to anyone in the MD/DC/VA area!!!

Kelly, Feb 11

I started working with Shira after two back-to-back knee surgeries, a meniscal repair/cleanup followed by a full meniscal transplant. The transition from college athlete and summer hiking to the couch was painful to say the least, but Shira made it bearable (and I daresay enjoyable) every step of the way. Her attitude and knowledge about knee mechanics, recovery techniques, and new literature are incredibly impressive, and so was her patience with my endless questions. I found myself looking forward to our sessions every week! Not to mention that her personal investment in her patients really shows -- for one, she continues to be an awesome resource for me while I'm 7,000 miles away from the DMV. If you want to feel safe in recovery and enjoy the process, look no further. Couldn't be more happy with my recovery :)

Tareq, Feb 27

Shira is wonderfully patient and positive! I look forward to seeing her every week.

Sarah, Mar 25

I'd give Shira a 10 for every session. She's the best - comes promptly, always cheerful and very helpful. Addresses changes since I've seen her, helps improve my comfort level, and always has new exercises to share, or to fine tune the ones I've been given by her in past weeks. Would and have highly recommend her to everyone.

Kathie, May 25

Shira has dramatically improved not only my physical well-being but my confidence in being able to recover from a long-time injury. She's demonstrated deep expertise in the exercises she's prescribed and in her hands-on work — all of which have been 100% spot on. But shifting my mindset around my injury has been her most valuable gift to me. Shira is a truly gifted healer: she listened carefully, was able to cut to the root cause of my pain or discomfort, demonstrated a clear commitment to helping me, and most importantly, quickly established a trust-based relationship. I've worked with a number of physical therapists in my life, and Shira is one of the best. I highly recommend seeking her out if you need physical therapy!

Maria Alejandra , Aug 24

Great session and great pt/trainer. Came in with a troublesome back injury that was significantly impeding my movement and making most of my regular exercises difficult. After a couple of sessions and some great advice, I'm not only back to where I was before the injury, but am equipped with the tools to help improve my performance in several core areas.

Aaron, Sep 14

I have had such luck rehabilitating my arthritic knee with Shira! She had me better in 6 visits where I had spent 20 visits with a former PT and had no improvement. She is timely, incredibly smart, and very motivating. I will be forever grateful she was recommended to me!

Donna, Sep 28

Shira is simply awesome! we worked together on an off through the pandemic and her passion for movement and her ability to customize exercises to my specific needs were just what I needed in my recovery. Shira was thorough in her approach and was always available to answer my questions when needed. She challenged me and made recovery feel like a workout, which as a former athlete, it was exactly what I was looking for. We stay in touch and she is always willing to provide positive feedback and hold me accountable when needed. If i ever need a therapist in the future, I will definitely reach out to Shira first.

Sergio, Oct 15

After just a few sessions with Shira, my shoulder pain has improved significantly. She has a great manner and approach and I've enjoyed working with her.

Huan, Oct 28

Shira helped me get back in the saddle!! My shoulder is much, much better based on the exercises she had me do. I was very concerned that I would not be ready for ski season. With the regime she had me on, we were more than ready!! Thank you Shira!!

Eben, Dec 22

Shira combines everything you hope for in a physical therapist: excellent diagnostic and communication skills, personally tailored exercises, hour-long sessions where you are the only focus of the therapist’s attention, and an impressive depth of knowledge and experience. In addition, it was a pleasure to work with Shira during this Covid time, when I preferred not to leave the house for therapy. We both wore high quality masks and she always disinfected the therapy table and equipment. I was never worried about catching the virus. She was focused on finding the best solutions to help relieve my pain and was especially skilled at adapting exercises to my needs and increasing my overall strength and flexibility. I feel well equipped with the exercise routine she developed for me to continue the significant progress we made! Thank you, Shira!

Frances, Mar 25