Revitalizing Healthcare Through:

Inspiring Experiences. Healthcare is most effective when it’s engaging, exciting, and fun. We are centering your healthcare experience around activities that matter to you most.
Innovative Environments. No longer will physical therapy be stuck in a 4 walled, fluorescent lighted clinic. Our care could be on the beach, in a yoga studio, in a co-working space, or in your home. All we need is our hands, hearts, and words to bring the MX experience anywhere in the world.
Optimizing Movement. Movement is a symphony of all the systems in your body - it’s a result of how you breathe, how you lift, how you walk, and so much more. We are implementing creative ways to make sure every last aspect of your movement is in beautiful harmony.

The Process

1) Choose a provider: Finding a provider you trust can be a challenge. We created a system that allows you to find the perfect provider for you. As soon as you create a profile, you will be able to see all of our doctorally trained, expert providers who would love to captain your care. Simply create your profile, find a provider, and request a session to get started.
2) We come to you: At home, at work, at the gym, at the beach; all we need is a small area for our treatment table and a bit of space to work around it. When communicating with your provider, specify a time and place that fits your lifestyle. Once the appointment is confirmed, we will meet you there and bring everything that you need.
3) Start moving better: Your provider will lead you through a comprehensive evaluation, set up a plan for treatment, and get you started on a trajectory to improve your health and life through movement. The plan will be centered around your goals and focused around what matters most - life outside the clinic walls.

The Sessions

Our Restore sessions are designed to precisely identify what’s causing pain or limiting your movement. When you schedule a session, our expert providers will complete a comprehensive evaluation, perform hands on treatment, prescribe specific exercises selected for your needs, and set you on the path to restoring your full and painless movement.
Our Optimize sessions are designed to find your strength deficits, mobility limitations, malalignment, motor control challenges, and more. We will then design treatment plan to turn around your weaknesses and make them your strengths. Each session will be specifically designed based on your goals, with our clinicians constantly reassessing to reduce risk for injury, optimize your movement, and help you live a healthy lifestyle through optimized movement.

Can Your Insurance Do That?

Everything you need to manage your healthcare is directly integrated into our all encompassing platform. From payment, to scheduling, to provider communication, MX is a one stop shop to start moving and living better.

Our status as a strictly cash pay business enables us to spend as much time with you as you need, where you need it. By giving you higher quality, more personalized, and more efficient care, we are confident we will save you money.